Intro to The Flowerloids

28 11 2009

Hello peoples of earthly origins! some of you may know of the program Vocaloid, or the free knock-off, UTAU. On this blog, I will post the voice banks to Utaus made by me or close friends that are in the UTAU series, Flowerloid.

What is a Flowerloid?

You’re probably thinking some girly UTAUs the run around fangirling over everything. You are partially wrong. The only reason these UTAUs are called flowerloids is their name. and of course the flowers on their headphones. but the main characteristic of them is that they all have a personality/mental disorder.

Who is the first flowerloid?

F-01, Otherwise known as Ran Fukusune. currently, her voice bank is in the Recording phase. every once in awhile, I will post a test video of her voice.

What kind of voice does Ran have?

She actually has three voices. Fukusune means multiple sound. her mainly used voice will be light and airy, her second voice is cutesy, her third voice is a male voice.

When can we expect her voicebank/demo to be out?

not for quite awhile. her recording has just recently began.

Can I see a picture of Ran?

Will there be more Flowerloids?

Yes! there is currently a flowerloid in the designing process. I will not reveal much of her information except her first name: Kiku.


So that’s all for todays intro, expect more to be revealed later




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